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Mind F**k

to my former lovers

whose names still part my lips

while i cum

imagining their heads

buried between my thighs

clenching their hair

still picturing their eyes

locked with mine

to my never lovers

the ones i wouldn’t dare speak of my lust for

the ones too taboo to ever have

but to whom i fantasize

while writhing myself to orgasm

in precarious situations

that only imagination would allow

to my wishful lovers

whom I never gave a second glance

the ones who lustfully think of me

who felt my siren call

if only in their minds

who imagine my hands on them

in those moments of self induced ecstasy

may we all meet in that place

our most erotic place

the one between our eyes

the place where everything is possible

and nothing is tangible

in that place

you will always be mine

and i yours


yet never

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