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Classes, Private Instruction & Parties

Anima Flow offers semi private and private instruction in the Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado and beyond from highly trained professional instructors with extensive knowledge of many disciplines. We offer exceptional training in pole dance, aerial yoga, aerial fabric, lyra hoop, dance and personal training.  We also offer workshops in YOUR studio and expert instructor training. 

Aerial Yoga 

Let your fitness fly

Restore. Energize. Fly. Join us for classes that will strengthen and rejuvenate your body and mind. We incorporate traditional yoga poses with aerial arts, while promoting flexibility, balance and strength. Experience the therapeutic qualities of yoga in a suspended fabric hammock, get strong with upper body and core work, and find alignment and balance in this fun class. Aerial yoga is a great compliment to your current fitness regimen. Test your strength, agility and body awareness in a new unfamiliar dimension while stretching overused muscles and decompressing the spine. Come fly with us!

Pole Dance


We offer beginner to advanced and competitive level pole dance instruction. All classes focus on lifts, spins, dance, floor work, transitions, conditioning, flexibility and safety. Looking to get into competitive or professional level pole dance? Honey's decorated career can help you advance and excel. Please contacts us

Pole dance and aerial arts take a unique skill set that takes years to learn and perfect. We offer strength and flexibility classes designed to help you gain the body awareness and raw strength it takes to perform these disciplines in an aesthetically pleasing way. We offer weekly classes focused in these areas and recommend them as an additional to your regular training schedule.  We also offer personal training sessions designed to meet your personal fitness goals.

Aerial fabric and aerial hoop instruction are available.


In order to ensure your safety, aerial fabric and aerial hoop private and semi-private lessons are available by appointment only.


Contact us to schedule a private 

Aerial Arts

Aerial Fabric, Aerial Hoop

Personal Training

Strength & Flexibility

We offer exceptional high level and professionnal instructor training for aerial yoga, pole dance, aerial hoop lyra, aerial hammock Pilates, flexibility and suspension fitness in YOUR studio! With more than 20 years of experience in many disciplines, Atmosphere Fitness Aspen offers the highest quality instructor training. We pride ourselves in teaching teachers how to teach with a focus on form, safety ad teaching techniques. 


Please visit our instructor certification tab


Instructor Certification

Aerial Yoga, Pole Fitness, Aerial Hoop


Instructional & Performance

​​We offer exclusive instructional  pole dance partis at Escobar Aspen in beautiful downtown Aspen, Colorado. We can host upwards of 100 people and can provide a bartender, DJ and catering upon request. The pole dance instruction lasts for 75 minutes. Parties are catered to mmet your needs and desires. Please call or pricing. 


Please see the performance page for more information on performance based events 

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