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Frequently Asked Questions 

What do I wear to aerial yoga?  

You will want to wear layers to an aerial yoga class and something that covers your armpits. You will want to wear pants or capris and nothing that has any hardware on it such as zippers that can tear the fabric. Please leave your jewelry at home. A yoga mat is recomended. No heavy perfumes or essential oils please.


What do I wear to a pole dancing class?

Skin is need to stick to the pole so booty shorts and a tank or sports bra are ideal. Barefeet or shoes are acceptable.


I can't even do a pull up can I still do aerial yoga or pole dance?

Yes. All classes are semi private and modified to suit the students fitness level. You will perform conditioning exercises from your first class to help you build the strength needed to lift your own body weight. 


Why do I have to pre-register? 

All of Atmosphere Fitness Aspen's classes are semi private and limited in space in order to ensure the safety of all students and to provide as much personal attention as possible. Therefore we require pre-registration to ensure there is space with a 24 hour cancellation. 


Why are classes more expensive than a regular yoga class? 

All of Atmosphere Fitness Aspen's classes are semi private and offer indivisual attention. Poles and aerial yoga hammocks are provided for you unlike a yoga class where you bring your own mat. There is a limited amount of hammocks and poles keeping class sizes very small. Insurance for anything that is in the air is also significantly more than traiditonal yoga or fitness. We do our best to keep the cost down but please understand we have taken on years of expensive training, insurance, equiptment and space rental to provide these unique classes. 

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