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Pole Dance 



Discover Atmosphere's state-of-the-art training program for pole instructors. Pole is a sport, a true athletic endeavor, and we base our trainings in dance, aerial fitness and exercise science. We focus on you, the instructor, expanding your knowledge of pole with teaching techniques, building cohesive classes and connecting with students. We make class formatting simple and help you construct fun and amazing classes that will progress your students at the right level. We teach foundation movement and break down each move step-by-step. Our instructors complete a training feeling empowered about safety, class management, sequencing moves and assessing student levels. We also have a fantastic online community of Atmosphere instructors that you can connect with on all instructor and studio related questions. Set yourself apart and be the best pole instructor in your area.


Level 1 Pole Dance 

Build a foundation.

Our trainings focus on good form and how to teach pole with method and progression. We give you the tools you need to teach at a higher level; to be the teacher that has the answers to body awareness, trouble shooting moves and muscular anatomy. Discover who you are as a pole instructor.


  • 50+ pole moves

  • Correct form and technique

  • Move Breakdowns that are precise and easy to understand

  • Safety and Spotting

  • Student Assessment and Body Awareness

  • Muscular Anatomy

  • Student Psychology

  • Class Formatting and Sequencing

  • Exercise Science Based Movement

  • Class Management

  • Move progression and modifications

  • Learning Methods and Teaching Methods

  • Business and Studio Ownership

  • How to Run a Studio Business

  • Studio Marketing and Branding

Level 2 Pole Dance 

Take pole to the next level.


Learn new pole moves and how to teach them affectively to your students. If you are working with intermediate level students this training will help you over the training plateau. Giving you new ways to structure classes, teach more difficult moves and instruct in an affective way to get your students stronger faster.


  • 50+ new pole moves for an Intermediate Level

  • Continued Form and technique

  • Advanced Safety and Spotting

  • Intermediate level Student Psychology

  • Muscular Anatomy

  • Strength Formatting 

  • Flow Formatting

  • Skin Conditioning

  • Strength Conditioning

  • Overtraining/Overuse issues in pole

  • Cross Training Ideas

Strength Training Classes for Pole

(1 Day Workshop $299)

  • Three strength training formats ( Boot Camp, Interval and Basic strength)

  • Safe moves

  • Complete workouts with warm-up and cool down

  • 100 + interchangeable strength building moves

  • Effective sequences to help your students get stronger

  • Core Strengthening

  • Upper bodyStrengthening

  • Leg Strengthening

  • Working Opposing Muscle Groups to Balance the Body

Pole Flow Classes

(1 Day Workshop $299)

  • Five different pole dance routines

  • Different levels of training within class

  • Complete workouts with warm-up and cool down

  • Learn transitions, flow and dance

  • Learn how to format a routines based dance class

  • Incorporation of strength, core and dance moves

  • How to link routines 

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